Ahuri Theatre

Ahuri Theatre is an award winning international collective of artists. We strive to bring together that which is usually separated, and to discover the likeness between things which are thought unlike. We do this through live performance, placing people, cultures, languages and ideas in a creative space to be explored, celebrated, challenged, and transformed. Inclusion is at our core: we progressively define, evolve and redefine our creation methods to include everyone in the room regardless of language, culture and ability. We eat, work and play together.  We laugh. We make mistakes. And through our common experiences, we strive create something original that can smash preconceived notions, above all, those deemed to be universal.

About Us

Our collective was formed in June 2005 out of the collaboration of its founding members at l’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. In October 2005, members from 5 different countries traveled to Japan to perform, give workshops and learn about Japanese traditions and culture. Over the following years, we visited each other, created and toured work, led and followed workshops and continued to develop our ever evolving approach to making theatre. The collective continues its activities today led by Haruna Kondo in Japan and Dan Watson in Canada.

We believe we are only as strong as those we are with. Lucky for us, we have some incredible collaborators. We have formed partnerships with arts organizations the Setagaya Public Theatre, Theatre Centre, Theatre Smith Gilmour and Why Not Theatre, government agencies The Norwegian and Canadian Embassies of Tokyo, Educational institutions Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Toho University of Japan and Humber College, and cultural institutions The Japan Foundation of Toronto, The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and The Columbus Centre.